Stacy Stoney Pini
Nicole Haartz
Sharon Bond
Patricia Richoux
Mary Cate Duffy
Maria Smith
Kristine Dougherty


Patricia Guthy
Anne Mears
Vicky Gutierrez
Mark Perlmutter
Charles Wilbur
Susan Amalfi
David Pini

Heather Lindsay
Veronica Pierce
Caroline Carver
Abigail Sullivan

​Eileen Lix
Rose Carito
Marilyn Wholley

We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the many advisors who have assisted us with developing the Latin and Greek Roots Challenge and have been so generous with their time, labor, and valued counsel.  You have all made an indelible mark on this project and have shared our commitment to providing our children, and all children, with the very best education we possibly can!

With heartfelt gratitude,
Maureen and John Riley.

Carolyn J. Davis
Principal (retired), Winthrop Elementary School, Ipswich, MA
      MA in Education Administration, Lesley University
      MA in Special Education, Boston College

Elizabeth M. Dolack
Principal, St. Mary of the Angels School, Chicago, IL
      MS.Ed. Special Education, Loyola University
      MS.Ed. Early Childhood Development, Loyola University

Barbara B. Duffy
Reading Teacher, Rogers Park Middle School, Danbury, CT

Dr. Richard P. Geckle
Latin and Greek Teacher, Natick High School, Natick, MA
      Ph.D., Classics, Columbia University 

Michael C. Gilleran
Attorney, Boston, MA
      JD, New York University

Charlotte O. Kelly
Principal, St. Joseph School, Needham, MA
      MA in Teaching, Emmanuel College, Boston, MA

Kevin Kennedy
Vice President/Creative Director, Mizrahi, Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Karen Leacu LeDuc
Assistant Superintendent
Dover Sherborn Public Schools, Dover, MA
      Ph.D., Education Studies, Lesley University

Elissa P. McGinty
Chief Financial Officer, Weston Presidio, Boston, MA
      MBA, The Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

Karen McLaughlin
Principal, St. John School, Boston, MA 
      MA in Elementary Education and School Administration, Emmanuel College

Martha C. Muldoon
Strategic Policy and Communications Consultant, Newburyport, MA 
      MBA, Simmons College

Dr. Tim Muldoon
Adjunct Associate Professor, Arts and Sciences Honors Program, Boston College   
      Ph.D., Roman Catholic Systematic Theology, Duquesne University 

Dr. Patrick Taylor
Linguist specializing in English etymology and Greek and Latin historical linguistics
Senior Editor for The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition
       Ph.D., Linguistics, Harvard University  

Marie Zappala-Stewart
Early Childhood Educator, Hampton, NH  
      MA in Special Education, Lesley University 

We would like to especially thank Karen McLaughlin and the faculty and staff of St. Paul School in Wellesley, MA, the original implementation site for the Latin and Greek Roots Challenge.  Your collective encouragement, support, and advice have been invaluable and very much appreciated.