To our parents, Charlene & Bill Duffy and Anna-Mary & John Riley, and to all of our family and friends, we thank you for all of your support, encouragement, prayers, and love as we have undertaken this new adventure.

To Annellen and the late Jim Walsh, who have always treated us as family and encouraged us to pursue our dreams.

To the principals and teachers of the pilot schools, who have believed in The Latin and Greek Roots Challenge and who have provided us with so many great ideas to make this program more effective.

To the students ... our future leaders ... you inspire us with your love of life and learning.  May you always appreciate the magic in and power of words, may you find many doors open to endless opportunities, and may you always dream big, follow your heart, and know that you can make a difference in the world.

And most especially, to our daughters, Kate, Rebecca, and Caroline, thank you for your patience and all your sacrifices so that we could follow this dream.  You are our true inspiration.  We love you more than words (or roots) could say!!

With love,
Maureen and John

To our colleagues - Patti Barrows, Lauren Barrows, Martha Morese, and Elizabeth Gilleran - who have dedicated countless hours to helping us develop and promote this program.  They have shared our dream of making a difference by bringing Latin and Greek roots to every child.  We could not have done this without you!

With Special Thanks