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"The Latin and Greek Roots Challenge provides the perfect avenue for students to expand their vocabulary, aid in decoding words, and collaborate with fellow students in all grade levels. Teachers love the program because it is easy to implement and there are fun activities for the children." 

          Elizabeth M. Dolack, Principal
          St. Mary of the Angels School, Chicago, IL

"Our teachers think this program is so incredibly valuable for our students, and our parents are thrilled that the Latin and Greek Roots Challenge has become part of their children’s learning experience." 

          Charlotte O. Kelly, Principal
          St. Joseph School, Needham, MA

"It is great seeing this Roots program in action.  The students love it and we are seeing results in their vocabulary."

          Russ W. Wilson, Former Regional Director
          Pope John Paul II Catholic Academy, Dorchester, MA

"We love the Roots Program and I have seen a definite improvement in the students' overall comprehension.  Keep up the good work."

          Maura M. Burke, Principal
          St. Brendan School, Dorchester, MA

"We are really enjoying the materials we purchased!  It is really fun to see the children trying to dissect words outside of the classroom given all of this exposure to your roots program in the classroom!  It's quite brilliant, and I am glad so many folks are catching on!  Congrats!"

          Tiffany B., Homeschool Parent
          Austin, TX

"We are loving it.  My co-teacher and I are pleased with the results.  Most of the kids have caught on to the word patterns.  We use the worksheets as our daily warm-up and we are amazed how they stop and focus on the pages.  It is hard to get 7th graders to settle down and focus."

          Cora Anderson, Language Arts Teacher
          Mannion Middle School, Henderson, NV

"The Latin and Greek Roots Challenge is excellent!  Our students love using it.  We find it to be so much better than the root material included in our vocabulary programs."

          Sarah Quatrale, Teacher
          Curley K-8 School, Jamaica Plain, MA

"I am very pleased with the Latin and Greek program at St. Joseph Elementary.  I just wish it had started six years ago, when my now sixth-grade son was starting school!  For the benefit of my fourth grade son and daughter, who is in kindergarten, I firmly believe your program has already enhanced their literacy and will provide a material advantage in their education and professional lives.  I'm a fan." 

          John Tuerck, Parent
          St. Joseph School, Needham, MA